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Our Services

* We can help you to get all the competitive prices and appropriate specifications, as required.
* We can help you to get all technical information and specifications.
* We can Facilitate our clients visit (Hotel - Transportation - Tansletation ...).
* We help clients to make business meetings and check all needed products.
* We help in goods shipping - accounting - tax papers.
* We help clients to get legal agency for their products.
* We Manage all Deals between companies and clients, Supervise and care with all the details which lead the customers business to success.
* Providing our clients with the best performance of time management through Advance planning to our customers needs and requirements and process it to execute their business aims ..

Commercial activities

* Marketing , Advertisement and Distribution Activities.
* Drill machines and drill accessories.
* Central and Telephones , Cables for networks and computers and electronic equipments , Computers and accessories .
* Building Materials ,Granite and marble , all types of wood and Formica for grounds and walls and roofs , Paints and its tools , Foam , Asphalt , Locks and keys and the , requirements of wooden furniture and metal accessories Gypsum-treated and chemically enhanced .
* Used laboratories and production lines , Industrial and agricultural equipment and tools , medical and veterinary tools and materials , used Industrial mechanisms and Heavy equipment's , Turner equipment and tools , Plastic machinery and plastic materials .
* Automotive and engines , Generators , Trucks and cars and all kind of machines spare parts , used machines and Heavy equipments.
* Medical equipment and pharmaceutical supplies, tools and surgical supplies.
* Cosmetics , Beauty tools and materials.
* Food , Fruits and canned , Dry Fruit , Frozen Fruit , Powder Milk , Butter ...
* Meat Product , chicken meat ( feet - paw - wing) , Beef meat , Cow meat ,Fresh and Frozen.



ALL T&M Company focus and Analysis the Customer Needs


With us you can get quick results in business, get better offers and Prices.


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